Cat In A Critical Condition Barely Makes It After Going Through Suspected Abuse

Cat In A Critical Condition Barely Makes It After Going Through Suspected Abuse

The world is sometimes a harsh place, and innocent animals are the ones who usually suffer the most.

I’m going to tell you a story about Rosa, a cat who went through a lot after enduring abuse…

cat getting her eyes examined

When she was brought to a rescue center at only 16 weeks old, Rosa was in a very bad state. She was malnourished, thirsty, and her fur was covered in a toxic fiberglass epoxy resin.

The rescuers think that this might’ve been done on purpose, but nobody knows the whole truth about what actually happened.

cat in critical condition

The rescue team was shocked by Rosa’s condition. She was one of the sickest cats they’d ever seen, which led them to believe she wouldn’t survive the night.

She was extremely thin, with ulcers in her mouth and burns covering her entire body, from her head and face to all four legs.

However, despite this, the rescuers never gave up. They worked tirelessly to clean her wounds and apply bandages to help her heal.

cat getting treated

Rosa’s recovery was very long. Because she couldn’t blink, the rescuers put special eye gel on her eyes every hour, all day and all night.

They also gave her fluids through a tube in her arm for many weeks and changed the bandages on her wounds many times each day.

Even though it was really hard, Rosa still stayed strong. She got the nickname “Sassypants” because she was always playful and loving.

abused cat wearing pink cast

The vets went above and beyond by trying innovative procedures on her that had never been done on a cat before.

They even used special dressings usually used in human plastic surgery while she was in intensive care.

vet hugging the cat

These surgeries were quite costly, but they were fully funded by generous donations. The goal was to help Rosa see again and be able to blink.

Thankfully, Rosa made progress in her recovery every day and after a week, she no longer required fluids through an IV.

Three weeks later, Rosa accomplished another milestone – she managed to stand up on her own for the very first time!

When week nine arrived, the bandages on her legs were finally taken off. At 13 weeks, her head wounds and legs were almost completely healed, but the important eye surgeries still needed to be done.

cat recovering

Amazingly, leading eye doctors offered their skills for these groundbreaking procedures.

They reconstructed the tissue around Rosa’s eye, creating a normal eyelid and using a piece of skin to help with the healing process.

The most recent update reveals that Rosa successfully went through a complicated three-hour surgery. Thanks to the hard work of the specialists and the kindness of the donors, she is not only recovering well but also looking much better.

abused cat almost recovered

Rosa needed time and care before finding her forever home, but most importantly her playful spirit is back and she’s making amazing progress.

I believe she’ll soon find a loving family who will give her all the love she needs. It’s so nice to see her doing so well, and it makes me hopeful that she’ll have a happy future ahead.


A Tiny Kitten Le.ft By The Roadside, Helpless And Praying For A Miracle!

So glad Marusya was rescued! We hope she finds a good home!❤️

Calico cats are believed to bring good luck to those who own them, but sometimes they can’t decide their life fortune!

On a road along a remote forest, where cars often go at quite high speed, one suddenly found a tricolor kitten, which was wet, exh.austed, and lying in the grass. She was so small that it was difficult to recognize her among the tall grass.

Fortunately, someone noticed her appearance. It was a girl, who accidentally saw some highlights in the grass. The little kitten seemed to see her too. However, she was too powerless to approach, she couldn’t make even the slightest sound.

The girl quickly went to check on the kitten and realized something was wrong. One of her front legs seemed to have been []. Maybe that’s why her master a.ban.doned her.

The po.or cat was [de.sol.ated] by the roadside but no one cared!

This time the kitten did not bring someone luck, but the girl herself brought luck to the cat. That fateful meeting was undoubtedly the greatest blessing of her life!

The po.or kitten was brought home by the kind girl and taken to tre.atment on time. As expected, the cat’s front leg was [br.o.ken], and it was operated on. After a 2-hour surgery, the kitten rested because she was too weak for the next one too soon.

Now the tricolor cat has a wonderful new life and of course a new name. Her name is Marusya. Luck did not bring it to an end there. Marusya recovered very well. Her leg seemed to have healed and no further surgery was needed. Finally, she got the happiness she deserved with her fur.

And it’s not a stretch to say that the calico cat is a lucky creature; this kitten has met the most wonderful adoptive mother!

What a joy to witness the kitten’s wonderful life journey. God bless her!

Prayers for this precious kitty that she’s been rescued. Medical help and has found love 🐾💗🙏🙏

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Woman rescues an a.bu.sed Cat and treats him as if he were her Son!


Man helps Little Gray Kitten who Refuses to leave his Side and Forms an Unbre.aka.ble Bond!

He deserves a good life he’s so cute!💕

Thanks to Jason, a man who did not look away from the needs of the little [] kitten, Popeye has a forever home filled with love, care, and attention. ❤️

Love people who are spontaneous and help animals right there and then all our animals have happened this way…

A man named Jason Belisha from Georgia shared he met a st.ray kitten in a parking lot.
Jason share: when he was returning a rental car, a cute gray-colored kitten suddenly appeared and cried for help. The kitty immediately ran into his arms, sniffed his hand, and proceeded to rub his face all over him. It was clear that the kitten was asking for love and attention from him.

Heartwarming! 😊

The sweet cat captured his heart. He picked him up and put him right in the car with him. On the way home, the kitten wrapped Jason’s arms and fell asleep in his lap.
Jason named him Popeye, fed him and even introduced him to his corgi dog. Amazingly, the two animals became instant friends and formed an adorable bond.

But A week later, a friend fell in love with Popeye and offered him a forever home. Although he loves Popeye, he decided to let his friend care for the kitten. He knows that he will be loved and cared in his new home that he deserves.

Thank you for your kindness toward this little, adorable kitten and for adopting him. Because of him, he was adopted into a loving home. 🏡💕

Glad his friend adopted the cat now he can still see him.💕

Blessings to this sweet soul to save this kitten. 🙏🙏🙏 Animals add so much love to our lives!


Kind Person Rescues Lost Kittens in Louisiana Floods and Changes Their Lives Forever!

LOUISIANA – Weather disasters are difficult for anyone, human or animal.

Recently, the residents of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, endured some very devastating floodwaters resulting in damage to their property, widespread evacuations, and some difficult situations in regards to farm animals and pets. Many Louisiana residents underestimated the severity of the flood and then ended up having to abandon their companion animals to seek higher ground. Homeless animals, especially, were also left scrambling for shelter, and we can only assume that some stray families were separated in the flurry of it all.


Thankfully, despite all of the chaos, rescue organizations and even common people, have all stepped up to help both humans and animals.

Recently, one woman, who goes by the name specklemuffins on Imgur, was on her way to work when she found a group of kittens huddling for warmth under her car. It was pouring at the time so the kittens were soaking wet and crying.

Considering they were all alone, the Imgur user believed that the mama had abandoned her babies. And so, she decided to bring the trio inside and got them dried off with a towel.


First off, the Imgur user made a few calls to local animal shelters. Unfortunately, since it was beginning to flood, all of the shelters were overflowing. She had absolutely no choice but to bring the kittens along with her to work.



First, however, they were each named! She decided on Darryl, Darryl, and Daisy. Confusing? Perhaps! But adorable just the same!

Although the shelters were not able to take the kittens in, they did relay some tips, like the fact that the kittens had to be bottle-fed every two hours.


Thankfully, the Imgur user had many coworkers who completely fell in love with the kittens, and so, they all took turns feeding the little ones. Eventually, one kind volunteer from a shelter offered to foster all of the babies for a few weeks until they no longer need to be bottle fed.

Best of all, the new foster mama won’t be taking care of them alone, though, she has some great babysitters lending a paw!

We here at The Best Cat Page wish these kittens nothing but the best!



Life Wasn’t Kind to This Kitty Until He Showed Up at a Kind Man’s Front Door

Every day, we see heartbreaking stories of kittens that life hasn’t been kind to. They’ve been dealt bad cards and their lives ended prematurely in the harsh wild. One such kitten would have surely turned up dead if it hadn’t arrived outside a kind man’s house.

Named Chataro, he appeared in the man’s yard 4 years ago. The kitten was covered in ticks and fleas and infected with mange too. Had he not appeared on the man’s doorstep, it would have died for sure. The man took it to the vet where it was discovered that the kitten had leukemia too. Infections on his teeth and eyes left no other solution than surgery. Chataro was nearly dead, but the vets saved his life.

Four years later, he’s a perfectly healthy cat. He still needs drops every day for his eyes, but he’s come a long way. Chataro was lucky to have found a guy who gave him the love and attention he needed at the time. He’s a beautiful cat right now with slight imperfections, but perfectly happy and loved.

We’re glad that this story ended on a beautiful note when it could have ended badly. All we need is love, so don’t shoo a tiny kitten from your home when it appears – it needs all the love and affection it can get. In return, you will get a buddy for life.

When he arrived unannounced 4 years ago

These days, he’s my best bud and doing a whole lot better

What a Transformation!


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