Veteran’s Service Dog Stolen During Burglary – He’s Begging People to Help Him Find Her

“She’s the sweetest thing...The days are just really hard without her." Spread the word to help this veteran find his service dog.


Many veterans who were once deployed abroad experience troubles getting used to the life back home.

Emmanuel Bernadin is one of them. He now lives in his hometown of Arlington, Texas, where he is doing his best to overcome his PTSD after serving for two years in Iraq and Afghanistan. His service dog Rosalyn (Roz) was there to keep him company and help him through his everyday life.

Sadly, just recently, Roz was stolen from Bernardin after a burglary and he’s now begging the public to help him get her back.


Bernardin went to visit a friend one night while Roz stayed home. Soon after he left the house, he got a call from one of his neighbors who told him how the front door was opened and how someone probably broke in.

He rushed back home and saw how his jewelry and electronics were missing. Sadly, Roz was missing too. He tried looking for her and wouldn’t stop calling her name, but the dog was nowhere to be found.

That meant Bernardin was left without his biggest support and his best friend.

“I deal with a lot of night terrors. It’s very hard to turn off the conditions of war, and Roz is there to wake me up at times when I shouldn’t be alone by myself asleep,” Bernadin told Fox 4 News.

He’s now begging the public to help him find Roz as he fears for her safety.

Please spread the word and help these two friends reunite. If you have any information please contact Detective Kate Phillips at (817) 459-6482 or make an anonymous call at (817) 469-TIPS (8477), Tarrant County Crime Stoppers.

We keep our fingers crossed for these pals to get together again.